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Water purification

In this application, the behaviour of a sewage plant is simulated. Conceptions of waste water treatments are covered. In addition, technical terms and basic knowledge about sewage plants are included in the domain presentation.The application is part of a series of courses about waste water technology and can be used as starting and end point of such a course. The general aim of the application is to improve students' comprehension of a working sewage plant. By means of simulation and graphical displays it is expected that students gain insight in complex plants built from smaller components.

More specifically, learners should be able to apply in a meaningful way technical terms and equations of waste water technology. They are, furthermore, expected to be capable of interpretation of graphs to judge states a waste water plants In addition, learners should understand how to change parameters of a disfunctional plant to reinstate the full purifictaion functionality.

Other parts of the course cover physical basics (Archimeds principle, density, pressure ..), biological basics (bacteria, population dynamics, biological degration of organic material ...), technical basics (filling of a tank, steady state ...) as well as detailed simulations of different parts of the sewage plant (screen, primary and secondary settlement, aeration tank ...). Additionally a HTML based dictionary for the course has been set up which covers all technical terms and basic definitions. This dictionary is accessible while working with SIMQUEST. At the moment it only available in German and not part of the English distribution.

Currently the animation can be used to set aeration and backflow on and off by clicking into the word or icon/checkbox in front of the corresponding word. All other input values have to be set from the corresponding interfaces.