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Servive Project
The project from which the SimQuest program originated.

GeDOS project
In the GeDOS project several teachers aided in the development of four Simulations on the following topics: the Gaslaws, first order chemical reactions, rolling friction and transportation of freight.

SILO Project
During the SILO project, a total of four simulations were developed in collaboration with several schools and Dutch publisher NijghVersluys. There are two simulations about moments: the first one about the basic principles of moments (force multiplied by the length of the arm perpendicular to the force's line of action) and the second about balance (the sum of the moments and forces needs to be zero). The other simulations were on cutting speed (with rotating tools) and bending plate materials.

EPN project
For publisher EPN, two applications were developed. These were about the braking distance of a scooter (introducing deceleration, speed and place as a function of time) and motion in diagrams (the aspects of different kinds of motion can be seen in diagrams).