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SimQuest manuals

Installation manuals
The installation manual guides you through the installation process of SimQuest.

SimQuest 6.4 EN installation manual (English) (pdf file) - version 6.4.1 (17-04-2011)
SimQuest 6.4 NL installatie handleiding (Dutch) (pdf file) - versie 6.4.1 (17-04-2011)

SimQuest 6.4 help system
The SimQuest 6.4 helpsystem is available in SimQuest and online on this website following the link below.

SimQuest 6.4 help system online (ENGLISH)

SimQuest 6.4 help system online (ITALIAN)

The SimQuest 6.4 help system is built with Help & Manual software (www.helpandmanual.com).

SimQuest Authoring Environment manual
The SimQuest 2.5 Manual provides step by step instructions to modify existing or to build new SimQuest simulations. Although this manual was originally made for SimQuest version 2.5 it can be used for later versions as well.

SimQuest 2.5 Manual (zipped pdf files)


Dutch SimQuest manuals

You can download four Dutch manuals. The manuals support you by developing your own application or by modifying other applications. These manuals were originally made for the GeDOS project. In this project five teachers developed SimQuest simulations for secundary education. For more information on GeDOS send an email to: info@simquest.nl.

SimQuest Wizard handleiding 2-0 (zipped doc file)
Ontwerp van GeDOS SimQuest simulaties (zipped doc file)
Controle structuur aanbrengen in SimQuest (zipped doc file)
HTML uitleg maken voor SimQuest (zipped doc file)