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High-pass and low-pass Filters

Filters is a Dutch simulation about electrical circuits. In this simulation, three high-pass and low-pass filters are simulated, namely the RC-filter, the CR-filter, and the LR-filter. For each filter, four interfaces are developed; for the RC-filter two of the interfaces are shown in the figures below. Each series of interfaces starts with a simple interface, only giving the output variables R, Z and XC or XL. The output variables current I and voltage Uout are added to the second interface. The opportunity to investigate Uout for the whole frequency range is added to the third interface. For each filter an interface with a graphical representation of the transfer function is also available. The order in the series of interfaces is the same for each filter. This simulation was developed for a research study. In this study, students designed assignments for the simulation. Students used a work sheet to support them in working with and learning from the simulation and in designing assignments. Studentsí knowledge of filters was measured using a test. Although this simulation does not contain the regular assignments as in other SimQuest simulations, teachers do use this simulation during regular lessons. Both the work sheet and the test can be obtained from the SimQuest team: info@simquest.nl.