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Kromlijnige bewegingen

This simulation is about objects that describe curves in a 2D plane under the influence of gravity. A footballplayer that shoots a ball from the ground, a basketballplayer that aims at a hoop and a canon that shoots from a certain height are part of this package. In each animation the speed in both x- and y-direction are depicted at every point in time by means of speed vectors. The formulas used are typically:

It becomes clear that vx doesn’t change with time because no friction is implemented. Also, it can be seen from both animation and diagram that speed is the derivative of place to time. Resultant speed is mentioned as well. Assignments are about covered distance and for instance about the value and direction of vy or vx at a certain point in the curve.

Feedback is included for context 1 and 3. The “basketballer" context contains no questions yet and has a few flaws here and there.