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SPG Schakelingen

SPG schakelingen is a Dutch simulation about electrical circuits. It contains a total of about 40 questions and assignments, divided into three contexts: serial circuits, parallel circuits and combined circuits.

The simulation has a lot of different interfaces which feature examples of day to day electrical problems. In this simulation, first the terms voltage, current and resistance are explained rather thoroughly after which the student gets to use the interfaces to solve problems, varying from relatively simple to rather complex. There are, for example, assignments on equivalent resistance, voltage over and current through resistors, lamps in series and parallel, adding and removing elements from a circuit and many more.

There is a clear uniformity in all the interfaces throughout the simulation. Students can use volt-, ampere- and ohmmeters to aid them in solving the problems at hand.

Furthermore, there is a rather large amount of ‘optimalisation’ assignments in all three contexts, where students have to find the right answer(s) to a certain problem while making use of the interfaces. Found values can be entered in the interfaces itself and then be checked. Extensive feedback on all questions is included.