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Getting started with SimQuest

How do I start if I want to make a new SimQuest application?
When you want to start a new SimQuest application you can do two things.

  1. You can use the SimQuest Wizard.
  2. You can use the Application View.
Using the Wizard
The Wizard is a tool which leeds you through the autoring process step by step. In every step it tells you what to do and why to do it.
These are the steps you have to take:
  1. Open the SimQuest Authoring Environment.
  2. Make sure that there is no application loaded (if there is, open a new application with: File, New).
  3. Start the Wizard (Help, Wizard).
  4. Now follow the instructions the Wizard gives.
Using the Application View
You can also build an application using the SimQuest Library and Application View. Using the Library and Application View gives you total freedom in the way you build your application. It is recommended to read the SimQuest manual and practice with the examples before you build a new application.
These are the basic steps you have to take:
  1. Select an element in the Library.
  2. Hold the left mouse button.
  3. Drag the element to the Application View.
When building a new application, you need a Simulation Context (a new tabsheet in the Application View).
This is the way to do it:
  1. Make sure that the All Elements tabsheet is selected in the Application View.
  2. Select the element New Equation Model in the Library.
  3. Drag the element to the All Elements tabsheet.
Now you can build your new simulation model.
This is the way to do it:
  1. Select the new tabsheet New Equation Model.
  2. Select the element New Equation Model (model: New Equation Model).
  3. Press the right mouse button.
  4. Select Edit Model.
You can specify your simulation model now.

When the simulation model is specified you can add other elements, like interfaces and instructional measures to the simulation context (tagsheet).
The SimQuest manual and online help give you more details.